Bee Organic Healthy Kids Snacks

At Bee Organic we have 4 simple core values:

  • We Ensure the highest quality nutritional products for children.
  • Children’s health is our #1 Priority.
  • We use scientific research and education as a pillar of nutrition and make learning fun!
  • Social and environmental responsibility
Good eating habits start early in life..

Good eating habits start early in life..

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Healthy Kids, Happy Moms..

                                                                                        Founder & CEO  Grace                                                                 

                                                                                        Founder & CEO  Grace


       About ME

Organic, Raw, and Pesticide Free has always been a part of my vocabulary. I guess you can say I grew up “Organically”.. The only kid on the block with an organic vegetable garden and a family of fresh pressed juice and health food enthusiasts, long before Juice Press and Juice Generation became a cult- Think Jay Kordich “ Juice Man”  and Norman Walker.  The Vitamix was always an in house staple especially growing up in the 80s (People actually  think I work for Vitamix I talk about mine so much).

We were the  crazy family on the block that  made their own organic tomato sauce from scratch bottled it once a year then giving a few away as presents throughout the year. . In childhood pictures you may think I have a nice glow from the sun- not quite.. I have an carrot juice glow from too many fresh pressed carrot juices.

In college, I decided to study biology and chemistry, always having an interest in the composition of food and medicine. Which lead me a little off track when I accepted a job at Goldman Sachs, then a Startup, etc... leading me down a long path of working in the finance and the energy derivatives world of  stress, late nights, unhealthy food and complete unhappiness. A stepping stone to help me follow my passion, I decided it was time to do something that I love.  And perfect timing as I am expecting my first child!

I am passionate about food, healthy eating, education, children, cooking and creating new products for my family and friends ( my guinea pigs),  eco and sustainable practices, green living, and new technology. I am also a lover of the outdoors, bikes rides, hiking, pilates, traveling and walking my dog Lucy “ the tomato bandito”, who will do anything for a piece of kale,  carrot or tomato (she is known to steal tomatoes out of our garden in the middle of the night)  . That’s me in a nutshell. Would love to hear from you.. Feel free to write me      XoXo